Mollie Hansen

Glass Installation Artist

Mollie Hansen

American, b. 1993 

Breakfast Meditation (To What We Hold Dear…) 

Glass, Salt, Sugar, Mold, Gold Leaf, Dried Flowers, Found Furniture, and Time


Meals bring people together. It is where society celebrates, prays, grieves, and confronts the trials of life. The still life has the ability to suspend these moments. But what if time kept moving and the objects of the still life continued to decay and grow? Intrigued by the meaning and importance of the still life, La Desserte (The Remains of the meal) by Ettienne-Prosper Berne-Belllecour from the Chrysler Museum of Art’s Collection serves as a source of inspiration. 


An intimate breakfast explores the uncanny and ornamental representations of the natural world moving on without them. The glass tableware serves as the fragile containment humanity holds on progression and time. This “still life” exposes the relationship between what is loved and deprived valued and neglected, accessible and precious.